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About us

About United for sport

To contact us: 

Maxime Leboeuf, Fondateur


Téléphone: 418-254-2975

United for sport in 10 questions!

1. What is "United for Sport"?

United for sport is an organization that fosters collaboration between elite athletes and their community

2. What programs does United for sport offer?

United for recreational athlete

Sport enthusiasts of all levels and ages move towards their sporting goals as they benefit from the expertise of high-level athletes

United for elite athletes

Elite athletes who wish to share their passion and knowledge have access to unique tools, ressources and compensation

United for youth

Unis pour le sport offers schools and other your organizations free initiation sessions to various sports free animated by high level athletes.

3. Are training plans and lessons suited everyone?

Absolutely! Our programs are tailored to the needs of sport enthusiasts from all levels and age groups.

4. How did the idea for United for sport emerge?

The majority of high-level athletes love to share their knowledge and experiences, and have significant financial needs. On the other hand, the dedication required to reach their sporting goals is such that they do not have time to promote their coaching services. In addition, sport enthusiasts and schools often do not dare to solicit them for coaching services. United for sport addresses these issues, offering athletes the opportunity to teach their sport without having to deal with the administrative side.

5. Who are the athletes who participate in the programs?

United for sport is fortunate to have a group of exceptional athletes coming from different sports. We have veterans like Jean-Philippe LeGuellec who has competed three times in the Olympic Games in biathlon, as well as athletes in full progression like Sophie Carrier-Laforte in cross-country skiing, and Guillaume Ouellet in para-athletics. Various experts in the sport community help to support and mentor the athletes in their coaching role.

6. How does United for sport promote healthy life habits?

A key element adopt regular practice of physical activity in its lifestyle is passion. Our athletes share their passion to their community through school visits, private lessons and training programs.

7. Why should my coach be an elite athlete?

High-level athletes are always on the look-out for advances in their sport and dedicate several hours a day practicing it; they have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is simply incredible. Their passion and dedication to their sport make them exceptional trainers and motivators.

8. Are United for sport services available across Canada?

No matter where you live in Canada, you have access to our unique personalized training programs. For private lessons or school visits, they are available mainly in Quebec. If we do not have an athlete in your region, send us an email and we will do our best to find an athlete that will help you reach your objectives.

9. Which sports do the programs cover? Are you planning to add more?

The sports we offer include cross-country skiing, running, triathlon, and obstacle racing. We are planning to increase the number of sports offered in the coming months/years.

10. What type of organization is United for sport?

United for sport is a social enterprise that has community involvement at the heart of its mission. The administration and development of the United for youth program is done entirely through volunteer work.

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