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Our training packages

Sport enthusiasts of all levels and age groups move towards their sporting goals as they benefit from the expertise of high-level athletes who offer them personalized training plans, private lessons and unique advice.

Personal coaching

To book or have more information about our training packages, please book an information call with our team or email us at

Our athlete-coaches offer recreational athletes of all levels and all ages personalized training programs.

Personalized training plans: custom built for YOU and regular follow-ups


  • Improve more rapidly and minimize risk of injuries

  • Source of motivation in the ups and downs of a preparation that last several weeks

  • Peace of mind knowing that you have the right coach and the right program

  • Support an elite athlete in his quest for excellence

Winning conditions

  • We find the RIGHT coach for YOU: our team discusses with you to identify which of our 20 coaches is best placed to accompany you on your sporting journey.

  • Our coach is teaming with YOU: he builds a program adapted to your goals, level of experience and schedule. He will constantly adjust it according to your progress and will always be available to answer your questions.

  • You easily collaborate with your coach with Total Coaching: our personalized coaching is done using this platform which facilitates communication with your coach and regular adjustments to the program.

Interested? Here are the next steps to book or have more information:

  • 1 . Book a phone call with our team. One of our team member will answer your questions and you will determine together which of our coaches is best placed to help you achieve your sporting goals.

  • 2. Complete the monthly subscription. The cost of a personalized training follow-up is $95 per month and is payable by pre-authorized deductions on a credit card. You can choose the start date and the number of payments. You also have the option to stop withdrawals at any time and you will be refunded in full if you are not satisfied.

  • 3. Have a first discussion with your coach so he can introduce himself (or herself) and gather the information needed to build your training program.

  • 4. Activate your Total Coaching account and download the app on your phone (your coach will send you the link). This will allow you to access your program at any time and communicate easily with your coach.

The sports we offer