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Help Guide for TotalCoaching

Use Total Coaching with your coach

Good communication with your coach will allow them to adapt your training program throughout your preparation and help you progress faster! You have an important role to play in the process. Here are our expectations:

1. Check your calendar regularly as your coach will make changes regularly based on your feedback and progress.

Goto Calendar.png

2. Each time you complete a prescribed workout in the program, please tell your coach:

    a.    That the training has been completed by checking the box below (it will become green)

Cocher dans le calendrier.png

    b.    How was your session (from “It was the worst!” to “It was amazing!”)

Evaluation de l'entrainement.png

    c.    You comments as needed (pace during training, discomfort or pain, etc.)


3.    When doing a workout that was not in the program, add it to your calendar with comments as needed.

Ajouter une activité.png

4.   If you need to communicate with your coach, simply use the messaging feature in the app.

Have a nice training!