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Our elite athletes help sport enthusiasts of all levels and ages move towards their athletic goals through personalized training plans and private coaching lessons.

Sport enthusiasts of all levels and ages move towards their athletic goals as they benefit from the expertise of high-level athletes

  • Personalized training plans: custom built for YOU and regular follow-ups

  • Private lessons - individual or group

To purchase or have more information about our training packages, please book an information call with our team or email us at

By purchasing a training package with United for Sport athletes, you support them financially so they can achieve their athletic goals. In a way, you are part of their team!

The sports we offer

Why choose United for Sport?

United for Sport is distinguished by its group of dynamic and committed top-level athletes who are willing to share their knowledge and passion with you.

Nobody is better positioned to help you reach your athletic goals. United for Sport's top-level athletes are well versed in the latest advances in their sport, and spend several hours training each day. They have a wealth of invaluable knowledge and experience to share. 

United for Sport athletes have access to unique resources, mentors, and tools. An experienced group of coaches and mentors contribute to the development of coaching sessions and training plans.

Community involvement is at the heart of United for sport's mission. We are currently developing the "United for Youth" program, which consists of motivational talks and introductory sessions offered to schools free of charge or at a very low cost. Together, we aim to build an active, passionate and healthy community.


Trevor and I took up trail running this year after years of road running and ironman triathlons, decided to check out Unis pour le sport to have a training plan made for Bromont ultra in Oct. Starting week 5 and pleased with the variety (bring on the intervals!) of workouts and responsiveness from Julien Lachance!
— Trevor and Leah
I really enjoyed my cross-country ski lessons this past winter. The service was very good, especially since there initially were no high-level athletes offering lessons in my area. It only took United for Sport a few days to find one. I also love the fact that high level athletes are providing us with sound advice.
— Nicolas, Lanaudière, Cross-country skiing
I am a beginner skate style cross country skier and had the opportunity to take 4 training sessions with Claude. The sessions were personalized and well suited to my level. Between each training, I had “homework”, techniques to practice. Since these sessions, I have improved greatly! Thank you!
— Nathalie, Québec, Cross-country skiing