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Personalized training plan and lessons

Personalized training plan and private lessons


Personalized training plan and private lessons

from 50.00


Because your needs are unique, your have the possibility to customized your training package. Thus, it is possible to purchase a personalized training plan or a lesson separately, or to build a complete package that combines both.

Personalized training plan

Each training plan includes:

  • A detailed personalized training plan, adapted to you level, objectives and schedule
  • 1 follow-up discussions per month with your coach by phone or email
  • Complete guide describing YOUR training zones and pace
  • A strength and stabilization program focused on injury prevention

Cost: 40$ per month

Private lessons - individual or group

All lessons are 1-hour long for groups of between 1 and 5 participants. The total cost remains the same, regardless of the number of participants. You can therefore learn with friends, and save money!

Discovery: 1 lesson at a cost of 75$.  

Initiation : 2 lessons at a cost of 140$ (70$ per lesson). 

Progression : 4 lessons at a cost of 260$ (65$ per lesson).

All in: 8 lessons at a cost of 440$ (55$ per lesson).

One we have received your payment, your coach will contact you rapidly. He will answer all your questions, and ask you a series of questions to ensure we offer you lessons and a training plan that fit your needs.

United for sport is proud to offer a guarantee of satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your first lesson or your training plan, we will reimburse you the value of your training package. 

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