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Running clinics

Runners from all levels of experience move towards their athletic goals as they benefit from the expertise of United for sport’s athletes-coaches who offer them running clinics.

Supervised workouts and running clinics

  • Supervised workout: one of our elite-athlete plans and does a workout with you. Motivation and transfer of knowledge guaranteed!

  • Running clinic: running technique, warm-up routine and unique advice. Ideal to start the season on strong footing!

    Duration, price and number of participant

    All lessons are 1 hour long and are suitable for groups of 1 to 5. The cost remains the same regardless of the number of participants. You can therefore learn with friends and save money!

    1 lesson= 75$, 2 lessons= 140$, 4 lessons= 260$, 8 lessons= 440$

To book or to have more information

You can book an information call or email us at

United for sport is proud to offer a guarantee of satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your lesson, we will give you your money back.